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eCWusers Announcements
First stop for information about the site.
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We’re Moving!
Posted: 01-02-2018 08:51 AM
Author: dgiacome
eClinicalWorks Company News and Announcements
News and announcements from eClinicalWorks, including information about new releases.
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Customers Using eClinicalWorks CCMR - ACO
Posted: 01-05-2016 11:15 AM
Author: MillieShinn1
User Group Meetings
A place to find user groups, events, and networking opportunities in your local market!
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eClinicalWorks--Electronic Health Record
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Discuss the features and functions of eCW's Electronic Health Record.
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older ipads for kiosk
Posted: 3 hours, 3 minutes ago
Author: jypatel
ICD 10
Bitten by a pig? Struck by a duck? What about that pesky old spacecraft injury? Learn how to code it in eCW here!
111 900
HCC Module
Posted: 07-12-2018 07:54 AM
Author: elagow
Maximize your EMR efficiency with the proper use of templates.
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Treatment Screen and ePrescribing
Discuss the treatment screen, SureScripts, the drug databases and interactions.
635 3788
Printing RX with ICD on Pre Printed Forms
Posted: 07-03-2018 02:51 PM
Author: lhuey
Lab Ordering and Management
Discuss topics related to managing lab results here (other than interfaces).
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FQHC Lab Billing
Posted: 06-18-2018 09:02 AM
Author: epamperin
Meaningful Use Forum
Maybe not as big as discussing the Meaning of Life - just how it affects life as we know it!
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patient electronic access eCW workflow required
Posted: 06-26-2018 10:12 AM
Author: tphilips80
Let's see if this really fixes the health care system. Tips, Tricks and How to Get Transformed.
56 212
PCPCH for Oregon 1F - refill turnaround times
Posted: 05-09-2018 10:28 AM
Author: lherndon
Tips and Tricks
This is where the helpful threads with videos and suggestions on set-up etc that were "stickies" have gone to.
62 412
ePayments on Patient Portal
Posted: 06-11-2018 02:03 PM
Author: Kevink
E&M Coder
Using the EMR to code your visits.
42 467
CPT 96127
Posted: 11-20-2017 01:05 PM
Author: bradrico
Known Issues
Welcome to the "Known Issues" area of the board. Here, each thread will be about a different "Known Issue" where we will document what version it was first discovered in, and which version is was eventually resolved / fixed in. If you find a particular thread that is closed, it is because the "Known Issue" has been resolved, and you can look at the last post to see what version number fixed it.
84 371
Letters in large batches fail - V10 - Open
Posted: 06-29-2018 01:14 PM
Author: ScottMiddleton
eClinicalWorks--Practice Management
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Practice Management
General topics from the front and the back office.
2108 11554
Print Settings Plug-in
Posted: 07-17-2018 12:28 PM
Author: fjonesak
Patient Demographics/Scheduling
265 1079
PM provider = blank progress notes
Posted: 1 hour, 58 minutes ago
Author: EllenCathcart
Insurance, Claims and Remittances
Discussing deals with the Dark Side.
564 2334
Medicaid T1015 ERA Posting/Adjustments
Posted: 06-28-2018 10:11 AM
Author: smgorn
Accounts, Statements and Collections
Discuss related issues.
203 1042
Faxing, Scanning and Document Management
The in's and out of the EMR.
570 2958
eClinimobile Training Documentation
Posted: 07-17-2018 12:47 PM
Author: fjonesak
Workflow and Task Management
Discuss workflow issues, including messaging.
131 555
Posted: 07-05-2018 09:24 AM
Author: jhorne
Reports and Administrative Activities
Discussing reporting features of the software and similar admin functions.
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annual visit report
Posted: 4 hours, 17 minutes ago
Author: kbator
eCWusers Lounge
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The Watercooler
Go here to discuss everything else. And have fun doing it.
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No Show rate through the roof?
Posted: 07-05-2018 04:49 PM
Author: EHuatuco
The Employment Corner
Recruiting staff? Looking for new employment? Physicians, Professional Staff, Ancillary Staff, Billing, IT. This is the place to post it. SORRY - No Vendors Allowed.
132 86
The Trading Post
Laptops, tablets, ekg, spiro, scanners, printers and more. Got more stuff than you need? Need stuff you don't have? Have a great deal to $hare? Post it here.
21 41
If you have a handheld kiosk to see- please PM me.
Posted: 07-09-2018 09:27 AM
Author: jypatel
Vendor Info
Have a company that provides a product or service? Post your info here.
93 19
3D AI Wound Care and Management
Posted: 06-13-2018 08:22 AM
Author: huwdm
eClinicalWorks--Other Topics
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Hardware and Technical
Let your inner geek out, or ask someone else's a question.
2728 19913
Out of memory errors
Posted: 17 minutes ago
Author: CGodin
Implementation and Training
Getting started.
127 584
CommonWell Implementation
Posted: 07-11-2018 10:18 AM
Author: Marjo
Lab Interfaces
Topics specific to these crucial interfaces.
120 353
Document Interface
Posted: 06-06-2018 09:21 AM
Author: bearimpeds
Clinical Decision Support
A discussion of ways to incorporate this into eCW.
31 160
Influenza vaccine (over 50)
Posted: 12-04-2017 04:27 PM
Author: Deborahp
Practice Registry
Issues related to the Registry functions.
106 486
claims based search
Posted: 11-27-2017 05:24 PM
Author: mjwiles
The Patient Portal
Using the web to interact with patients.
581 3350
portal questionaires
Posted: 8 hours, 7 minutes ago
Author: Jeff Peterson
eClinicalMessenger 83 418
Counting Cancelled Visits if using ECW Messenger
Posted: 06-22-2018 02:28 PM
Author: Marjo
Smart People talk about eCW and Smart Phones.
72 291
Edit Auto-Text ECW scribe
Posted: 07-02-2018 03:22 PM
Author: rdelgado
eEHX is all about sharing community information and this is where you can share information about ... information sharing.
21 48
Enhancement Requests and Bug Reports
Discussed desired changes in the software. Also see the Bug Tracker.
1460 8241
Surg HX bug in 9.0-35
Posted: 04-18-2018 06:26 PM
Author: docblockmd
Designated Group Topics
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New Users
A place for "noobies" to ask questions.
299 1176
Large Practice Issues
Discuss issues specific to large practice implementations.
33 209
Monthly or Quarterly call
Posted: 05-11-2018 02:38 PM
Author: Deborahp
Issues related to Federally Qualified Health Centers and Community Health Centers.
73 234
Big EHR ideas for little patients.
38 198
Patient Portal/Responible party
Posted: 53 minutes ago
Author: CGodin
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