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This Bug Tracker is a function of eCWusers.com and is not an official feature of eClinicalWorks. The company will likely monitor the site and respond, but they are under no obligation to do so. If you have a bug that you feel is urgent, please report it to eClinicalWorks support as usual.

Please review the bug reporting guidelines below.
  • You must be a registered user on this web site before you can report bugs. Registering for your account is easy, and most importantly, it's free. To get started, click here.
  • First, make sure that this is a bug. The best way to do this is to review the appropriate section of the User Guide, check your preferences, and look for typos. We strongly suggest you post to the Bug Reports Forum if there is any doubt that this is a bug and not a user or server error.
  • Perform a bug search to see if its already been reported and/or check the list of recently reported bugs.
  • Tell us what you expected to happen that didn't. For example, "I thought doing this task would produce this result."
  • Then explain what actually happened. "But instead, something else happened."
  • Be sure to include any error messages.
  • If possible provide a url where the bug can be reviewed.

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